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"Sustainability will be the new

competitive advantage."


As the world becomes more conscious of waste and consumerism shifts to quality over quantity, it is important for fashion brands and retailers to shift to more sustainable habits. Sustainability will be the new competitive advantage. Denim lives on for many cycles because of the fabrics durability and strength, and practicality that everyone loves. This test shoot, “Trash to Treasure” captures the trend of how classic denim jeans can be redefined.


The model wears a Swapp custom denim bralette, which was upcycled from jeans, with a fringe wide leg jeans that was inspired by the upcycling process. The denim wedges worn have hand written inspirational quotes and words to promote the sustainable fashion movement. She also wears a meshed pearl design face covering as a highlight of nature's preciousness. The makeup is inspired by the 60s mod and youth revolution.

Now is the time to upcycle materials and make what was once trash a work of art. 

Special thank you to Jamaica's National Water Commission for being onboard with the location.


Creative Director and Stylist  Anya Swapp

Photographer  Rakeem Burrell

Model  Leigha Francis 

MUA Gabby Glam

Hairstylist  Camkes Beauty Solutions

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