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"Jamaica lost a sweet soul to rape violence, a young woman who was just really getting started to make a life for herself."


The theme for Women’s History Month 2021 is a continuation of 2020s theme: “Valiant Women of the Vote: Refusing to Be Silenced” as declared by the National Women’s History Alliance. “This theme recognizes the battle for women's suffrage, which was gained with the passage of the 19th amendment in 1920.

For almost 100 years, women had been fighting for the right to vote…” (History, 2021). In the 21st Century, however, women are still fighting for respect and for their lives. 


On March 26th 2021, Jamaica lost a sweet soul to rape violence, a young woman who was just really getting started to make a life for herself. Her name was Khanice Jackson. Coming down to the end of Women’s History Month, Khanice Jackson unfortunately had to endure such cruelty for Jamaica to stand up and realize the violence plagued against women in the country. Young girls and women’s lives are being stolen and are still missing in Jamaica and around the world. Such abuse is still being endured. 


This project reimagines women of today and #CHOOSETOCHALLENGE the stereotype. No one understands better than another woman, so the production team consisted of dope female creatives from Jamaica who were all passionate to highlight a woman’s story— which begins with her armor. She is raised to protect herself, to fight for space to exist and to earn a living based off of dignity and respect. Her armor represents her strength that is innately sown within, as it is passed down through generations. When She enters a room, She makes a statement without saying a word, as Her presence speaks for Her. But She has a voice, and when She speaks you better listen, because She enlightens our being. Do not be shocked when She does it all with excellence. Just know She is an athlete. 


May the work towards Women’s safety, equality, respect and productivity continue. 

The Model wears a custom design armor top by Annaixe, a gown from DrennaLuna's archives and Nike Air Jordan's to kick it off. The Etal Store's genuine leather corset belt originates from Africa as well as the silver ancient artifact cuff.


Creative Director & Stylist Anya Swapp

Photographer Rebecca Williams

Model Shamique Simms

MUA Ashleigh Porter

Set Designer Lauren Tomlinson

Designers Annaixe & DrennaLuna

Accessories Etal

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